Tuesday, October 09, 2007

a few minor set backs

we made it vancouver on tues morning (early wednesday australia time) after flying melbourne to sydney, sydney to taipei, spending the nite at the golf resort in taipei then flying taipei to vancouver. as we were checking into our flight in sydney i realized that not only did i forget to get my passport endorsed with my current visa status but i also forgot the paper i meant to bring that had my permanent resident visa number on it. the woman at the check in said it was in the computer but i may have a lot of issues trying to get back into the country. hopefully when we go back to vancouver next week i'll be able to get a label in my passport from the australian consulate (i still gotta make a couple calls to find out about that).
when we got to the car hire place at the vancouver airport i discovered that i also forgot my driver's license. fortunately zac didn't take his out of his wallet (he was going to cuz he didn't want to drive at all) so we just hired the car in his name and he drove 500 km each way to portland and back (plus he drove into the city a few hours after we arrived in vancouver). he did really well. his biggest issue was flicking the wipers on every time he wanted to turn (but he does that in australia all the time too cuz half the cars he drives at work are one way and half are the other way).
i did remember to bring my safeway club card so we were able to get veggie dogs 2 for $5 today 8)

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