Sunday, October 21, 2007

pet deprivation

while we were overseas we had to get our pet fix. fortunately for us everyone seemed to have a friendly pet for us. while we were in portland we got to play with timber-- brian's roommate's housebound 1 year old cat. i felt a little bad for timber. he was a lot like an attention craving dog. when anyone came home (there's about 20 wooden steps you have to walk up to get to the door and the cat could hear someone on them from anywhere in the house) he would fly across the wooden floors and jump on the couch to see out the window next to the door and this is what he would do:

he was pretty cute though (except his crying during the nite which he only did 1 of the nites we were there, the other nites he just curled up on the couch with me for the nite)

our next pet was my uncle's cute little scruff-ball dog simba:

since being around mostly big dogs the last few years i don't think too much of little dogs. they generally don't seem as smart and just seem to follow one person around constantly. simba was great (most of the time). he obeyed a few commands and he was pretty cuddly.

the other pet we got to play with lots was harvey-- the most photographed cat in the world (according to his people). we went to visit his people on our last evening in vancouver. stephanie told us when we came in that he pretty much keeps to himself and isn't that cuddly (especially when he's on is superman blanket). he let me pat him there for ages! then he fell asleep on the floor with his paw under his head:

we also patted every friendly dog that we saw around portland, vancouver and victoria. i'm glad to be back with our cuddly dog again.

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