Tuesday, November 06, 2007

relaxing in paynesville

since i my work decided to close for monday since tuesday was cup day (gotta love a day off for a horse race) i went down to paynesville to see denise's new place for the extra long weekend. zac couldn't get monday off so he stayed back with the doglet.
unfortunately the weather didn't co-operate much so saturday and sunday it rained most of the day and nite and was really windy/stormy. we mostly sat around having extended happy hours and visiting. it finally started to clear up on monday so monday afternoon we went out on zac's uncle's boat. apparently i was the skipper (according to my coffee mug):

the view of the boat docks as we headed away (and the impending storm rising in the distance:
lots of swans out on the lake:

unfortunately the storm we thought was a ways off hit us while we were out. it got fairly choppy and rainy for a bit but then cleared up so we motored down the canals to look at all the amazing homes.
the news around melbourne kept saying that gippsland was flooded. gippsland is a pretty massive area. paynesville was NOT flooded from the storms (although there were some large puddles/wetlands formed fields around town and a few buildings did have some water damage-- nothing like a few months ago though). i think it was more south gippsland that flooded. now that we're back in melbourne its been great weather-- nice and sunny and mildly warm.
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