Tuesday, November 20, 2007

more weather

i'm home sick again (this time my head is filled with whatever it fills with when you're congested). i've taken stuff for it but psuedophedrine causes me to sleep (and they put it all non-drowsy stuff cuz its supposed to keep you alert and awake). i slept for 3 hrs and now i just feel all groggy but its too hot and windy to sleep (and i can't shut the windows or i'll suffocate).
look at that wind "chill" (the bottom line):

its almost 39C!!! we're completely out of fruit so i can't make myself some nice smoothies today 8(
i'm ready for a break from all this heat (tomorrow is forcasted for a low of 15C-- yea!!-- and a high of 19C. it'll probably be horrible for my cold (a lot of people get sick in spring and autumn here because of the quick weather changes and your body doesn't know what to do).

i'm gonna go check on the soy ice cream i saw in the freezer-- hopefully there's more than 2 spoonfuls left cuz i think that's what i'll be dining on most of today-- great nutrients for a cold 8). maybe zac will get home early and bring some fruit. or maybe i'll feel less groggy later and be able to walk the 90 sec to 7-11 to find some nice cold treats. or maybe the cool change will just come early and i'll be able to cook some soup or something......
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kristy said...

It sucks being homesick and sick at the same time.

Despite being well into my 20s when I was living in Hong Kong and sick all I wanted was my mother to bring me food and look after me. I don't know about you but for me I think being sick brings on homesickness.

I hope you are starting to feel better and that man of yours is looking after you!

kristy said...

I just re-read your first line, and realised I'm and idiot you are at home and sick not home sick, silly me!

Ignore my previous comment except for the get well soon part.