Wednesday, November 28, 2007

freudian slip(?) and mispronounced words

the poor news woman on sbs made a pretty horrible slip tonite (she caught herself right before she finished the word and corrected herself but it was kinda funny-- and a bit horrible at the same time). she was talking about an australian soldier who died and that the corpse was being transported somewhere except it came out as carcass instead of corpse.

a kid at work has organic sultanas (raisins) in his lunch some days. he's very proud of them and a few weeks ago he went up to one of the teachers and said "guess what. i have mechanic sultanas in my lunch!" (instead of organic). she found it pretty funny and instead of correcting him she told him to go tell someone else. now every time we see the little box of sultanas somebody always goes up to him and asks "what kind of sultanas do you have?" nobody ever corrects him though (its our little bit of amusement during part of the day when its usually pretty chaotic. this kid also mispronounces some other words (or just uses a completely wrong word). like one day when his clams were up (glands). he's a funny kid. we probably should start correcting him though otherwise he could end up one of those people that go thru life saying things like libarry and chimley (not so funny when your doing it at 50 or older) and talking about all the 'mechanic' produce at he gets from the shops.

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Annie said...

LOL!!! thanks for making me laugh! HAHAHAHA....