Monday, November 26, 2007

a little taste of home

we went to the discount wine place up the road to stock up on some wine (the bottles are only cheap if you get a half dozen-- but you can mix the half dozen). they had a new (well since the last time we went there probably 8 or 10 months ago) beer fridge at the front of the shop. as we were paying for the wine zac pointed out the labatts. on the bottom shelf they had single beers for sale. there was a labatts!! i had to get it cuz it tastes like home (although last time we were there i didn't have 1 labatts or kokanee because i fell in love with all the little microbrews around vancouver and victoria). when i went to pay for it the guy told me that i should try a different beer (some german on or something that i'd never heard of) because the labatts was expensive. zac just kept trying to explain to him that i was canadian, that's why i wanted it (and i'm sure its 50 cents cheaper than the other place in st kilda that sells them-- and a million other import beers from all over the world). i'm excited i can get one for a treat so close to home! basically zac used the analogy of that's like buying a vb for $4 in canada (this coming from the guy who payed $5 for a can of tecate last weekend because it was a mexican themed bar so he wanted a mexican beer-- i'm sure we paid less than a dollar for those in san diego).
anyway, it was my little taste of canada for the weekend. 8)
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Annie said...

Nice! Funny how things are 'special' in other countries!
I have a friend going to Australia in 3 weeks. Can you email me the details about the hotel rental in the airport that you stayed at? He has a 17h layover and would like to know more about how it works.