Sunday, August 01, 2010

puppies and noise

we went to barwon heads last weekend for a day with family (they all spent the weekend down there, we just spent the day with them on saturday: 11 adults including us, 7 dogs and 3 children). unfortunately i must have deleted most of my photos from my camera before i put them on the computer (that's what happens when i'm in a hurry and don't double check that the photos have actually copied). now i've got just a few dog pictures from the day including this one of cute little dozer chewing on her bone:
the next day we went to a backyard gig at our friends place. it was an all afternoon noise gig with several bands (including 2 that zac's in). noise music isn't really my thing but it was really good.
our friend edryan's solo project "jezzat":

zac's solo project "ze wiseenheimer":

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