Tuesday, August 31, 2010

birthday dinners

after reading meveg's post on the abyssinian last week i decided that's where i wanted to have my birthday dinner last nite. i don't think i'd ever had ethiopian food before. i loved it. unfortunately i didn't get any photos cuz zac was "starving" and if i didn't dig in i would miss out. we got the same as meveg (chef's vegetarian combo for 2) and there's some good photos over there. when i mentioned to friends and workmates that we were doing ethiopian food for my birthday dinner, everyone's response was "the bread is amazing! i love the bread!" the bread was pretty good (and kinda fun to use instead of cutlery for eating). i also had an ethiopian beer with my meal too (Dashen Lager)-- it was really nice.
i wanted to get some EBC cheesecake after but we were both too full. we went home, i had a bath and we both relaxed for a bit and i decided i needed a birthday cheesecake. after some convincing, i got zac to get dressed again and take me for cheesecake at the east brunswick club. soooooo worth going back out in the cool evening for it. i got a slice of peanut butter cheesecake(soooo good!). zac got the chocolate mint one which i didn't really care for but i don't really like mint chocolate (he liked it and that's what's important).
today i got to celebrate day 2 of my birthday (the best part about living here, being born in canada-- i can convince people to celebrate 2 days with me. once when the date here matches my birthday and again when its actually my birth date in canada). we went to haskins/north fitzroy arms for dinner. i got the same as i always get (i think it's the only vegan-izable main but i love it): eggplant parma minus the cheese. it's done really nicely with chopped tomato and onions on top of the well cooked, tender eggplant. it comes with a big salad and some chips. yum.
too bad my birthday is done with now and we'll have to go back to doing some cooking at home.

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