Sunday, August 08, 2010

fabulous feast

i had to go to a conference for work all day yesterday on sustainability in early childhood education. this was put on by the EEEC (environmental education in early childhood). the menu was completely vegetarian (because it is a more sustainable diet) but i wasn't sure if the director had put me down as vegan when she booked me in. i emailed the woman organizing the conference a couple days before and i was assured that "a fabulous vegan and vegetarian feast will be had by all." i was very impressed with the food (especially since the last EEEC conference i went to with a vegetarian menus the vegans got salad for lunch, everyone else got wraps that only had cheese that made it non vegan). i think i may have been the only vegan there (out of about 70 people) but the vegan food was plentiful and put out for everyone to have. morning tea was wraps and sandwiches (half vegan, half vegetarian, clearly labeled which were which kind). lunch involved 2 soups (both vegan and really good!), a couple salads (an amazing carrot salad with a really nice spicy chili dressing) and some rolls.
i had a work fundraiser dinner last nite (so 6 of us from work pretty much spent the whole day and nite together except for an hour or so in the afternoon when we were home getting ready for the 50s theme dinner). i was told the meat eater meal was going to be chicken and veg and we never got a confirmation on what the vego meal would be. i assumed the vegan one would just be the veg (and the vegetarians might get some really cheesy dish that was not vegan friendly). me and my vegan co-worker (who is also wheat intolerant) were impressed with what we got. it was a small buffet where we got veggie burger patties, thick cut chips, pasta and salad. i was happy i got to eat well all day.

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