Tuesday, August 17, 2010


not the crawly kind of bugs but illness "bugs". there seem to be a lot of them going around here: the flu, some gastro thing, conjunctivitis,.... last week we had at least 3 or 4 kids a day that were away sick and a few that definitly weren't 100%. 2 of the 4 staff in my room also were out with things half the week and the 2 of us left were struggling. i think my body just gave up on friday (i had been going to bed at 8:30 and then 7:30 and still waking up really tired in the morning). i tried to go into work knowing it was likely we were down 2 staff and i was scared the 3rd either would be out too (so we would need one person who knew the families and children) or she would be there and not doing great so it would be better for her to work with me than a reliever so i went in. i realized part way through the morning that i wasn't gonna make it until 4pm. i couldn't say i was sick. i didn't feel sick in any way. i was just really tired. the director was already covering for 1 of the 2 people in our room cuz the agency was out of relievers so we ended up working it out so the poor reliever got an early lunch (i needed to be there to keep the ratio up) and then i left after that. i just came home and layed on the couch, watched dvds and took a nap. i spent the weekend doing very little and now i'm fine. everyone at work kept asking how i was doing yesterday and said that i hadn't looked good on friday. they all figured i got really sick like everyone else after i went home. unless one of the bugs is just extreme tiredness (we did have a little girl on friday who said "i don't want to play anything, i just want to go to sleep" and then 10 minutes later fell asleep at a table-- she didn't have a temperature or anything, she just didn't look great and went to sleep) i think my body was just over the hard week and gave up for a day to make me rest. if i wasn't actually sick (and if i was it was definitely milder than what everyone else seems to have gotten) it means i still haven't been sick with even a cold in about 1 1/2 years (since i recovered from pneumonia and the 5 or 4 other flu and cold illnesses i had that year). i went vegan round that time too.

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