Monday, March 29, 2010

soooo good

one of my favourite things about coming home to canada (besides seeing my family and friends) is all the great vegan food here (not that melbourne doesn't have a lot of really good stuff but there's just different stuff up here and it's fun to have while i'm here).
right now i'm enjoying a coffee with vanilla flavoured so nice soy milk. the only reason i even bought this milk was because i can't seem to find soy milk under 2L (and i only really wanted it for coffee). it's pretty amazing (and there were several flavours too). it's kinda like liquid so good ice cream but just a little less sweet (but still very sweet for soy milk). i'm gonna make a smoothie with it and some strawberries and banana this afternoon.
i got some so delicious soy ice cream with coconut milk. also very good and coconut-y.
another favourite up here is tofurkey dogs. best vegan sausages ever! i wish we could get these in australia.
last time we were here we got some earth balance vegan cheese- nacho cheese flavour-- because it was on sale. it was so good i had to go for that flavour again. it makes great quesadillas, crackers (triscuits are my favourite here) and cheese and burritos.
when i'm in vancouver before i leave i'm gonna go check out the new-ish vegan shop that opened up not long before we were here last time (we never got around to checking it out last time). i'm pretty sure they carry vegan jerky (i'll be stocking up for the trip home and maybe zac will be lucky enough that there's a piece or 2 left for him when i get home).

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