Sunday, March 28, 2010


after trying to figure out a vegan friendly/omni friendly place for dinner last nite we ended up at the mint (a recommendation of the people renting out my mom's basement suite). my brother had been meaning to go there for a few years but hadn't done it yet. it was sooooo good!!! i started off with a crème de cacao cocktail (kind of dessert-y but i really wanted it). as an entree (or appetizer as they call them here because entree is the main which makes no sense at all, especially for a country that has french as one of it's national languages) we got some peanuts seasoned with lime, chili cilantro (coriander) and one other spice (that none of us can remember-- i will be going back to look at the menu on the door so i can hopefully recreate the amazingness of the dish). everyone was really impressed with their main courses. my brother's partner and i both got a sticky rice dish with tofu (that was baked or fried amazingly), veggies and an amazing peanut sauce. on top of the tofu they had covered them with crushed up peanuts seasoned like our appitizer. all the dishes looked amazing as well as tasted amazing (and of course none of us had a camera). the place is open til late too and i think it becomes more of a cocktail bar/lounge as the nite goes on.
it was a great find cuz it's somewhere zac and i would have never thought to go any time the 2 of us are around here but they had a couple dishes that looked vegan friendly (and the waitress was helpful in making sure my dish was definitely vegan when i ordered) and they had lots of fun cocktails (and lots of mint flavoured ones which i guess would be why they went with the name "the mint").
it's on douglas street (next to the dollar store near the corner of pandora) in downtown victoria.

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