Tuesday, March 16, 2010

portabello burgers

i was craving these burgers last week (we haven't had them in a long while). i actually turned down going out for dinner with co-workers to come home and make these (although if i'd known they were going to the moroccan soup bar i would have gone with them, i thought they were just going to the local pub). i marinate the mushrooms using this recipe (although there are lots of similar ones on the internet) and grill them under the grill in the oven. the marinade makes HEAPS so i've got a jar in the fridge with enough left to do at least 2 more mushrooms. i put lettuce and tomatoes on these burgers. onion would be good to but my stomach doesn't like it unless i cook it to death and i usually can't be bothered to do that when i make these.
now i'm craving moroccan soup bar (and of course my co-workers have planned a dinner there the day after i go to canada next week). i think i may be convincing zac that we need a dinner out in the next couple days.
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