Tuesday, March 09, 2010


autumn has been weird. it's been hot and humid, it's been cool and wet. we've had a LOT of rain. We didn't even realize how bad the storm was on saturday until the next morning when we saw these photos and videos in the age. we were at a wedding. after the ceremony we went out to take photos and it was just hot and humid. the wedding party went off for more photos while we all went into a covered area (and an air conditioned room). we could see VERY dark clouds coming. jay was on lea's iphone looking at the rain radar (a band of red was coming thru melbourne) and saying that the news site he looked at said one of the worst storms was coming thru. the rain came. we stood in the air conditioned reception room and watched as it made a water feature against a window while it fell. we didn't really notice any hail. some family had gone off during the afternoon tea and when the came back they said there was some pretty big hail and the rain was bad. we didn't think much of it. when we were coming home, lites were out on the other side of the creek (street lites and homes) and we just thought that was kind of weird. after looking at the photos of the rain and hail now it all makes sense (there were also strong winds). it was kinda crazy how much rain we still got over the next couple days. i'm sure we have to have beaten some kind of record for melbourne for rain so far in march. the garden is loving it (my pile of laundry waiting for a dry day to be washed, is not).

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