Thursday, February 11, 2010

in with a bang

after about 5 days of heat and humidity and warm nites the cool change and the rain arrived this afternoon. just as i was finishing work (and we were outside with all the children) i thought i heard thunder. it sounded like thunder but it just kept rolling over and over (like a plane but more of a thunder noise). both me and one of my co-workers stood staring at the sky for lightning. when we were sure it was thunder i decided it would be good if i got out quick and got home before the storm was right over us. i walked into the office to say goodbye to the office people and the director asked me if i was ready-- i completely forgot about my after work meeting with her today (she's a new director and she had arranged personal meetings with each staff member to discuss our goals and needs for the year). i figured if my meeting did actually go for the extra hour i was getting paid for i would miss the storm but i knew my meetings never go very long (and there were only a couple little things i needed to talk to her about). 25 minutes later i was out the door (and my poor co-workers that were still working with children were then dealing with settling 20 or so wet children back inside the room with a flood happening just outside the door). i had soooo much fun riding home thru the heavy rain. the kerbs were all flooded and there were some huge puddles around. i got to holden st and the entire street was under water (the water level went over the footpath). i got home soaked and grabbed the dog right away and made her go for a walk with me in the rain (she wasn't too impressed but she went). we've now had almost 14mm of rain (my garden will be very happy) this afternoon. i'm glad it's going to be slightly cooler the next few days (in the low/mid 20s) and hopefully a lot less humid. i'm over being sticky and sweaty all day (melbourne is supposed to be one of the few places in australia that isn't super humid in summer).

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