Thursday, February 25, 2010

2 years

we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on tuesday. we decided to go to enlightened cuisine cuz we'd never been (we've had a bit of their food at a couple of different vegan day festivities but we've never gone to the restaurant). zac made a booking for 6pm (kind of early but he's always starving after work and i guess he figured by the time we ate it would be later). he got the work car so we wouldn't have to take public transport. that ended up being a really dumb idea. we knew the live music rally was happening in the city (zac really wanted to go but i didn't want to ride in to the city and then ride somewhere for dinner that nite). we also knew from rrr that there were a LOT of people at the rally. we left home at 5:50. we got to enlightened cuisine at 7pm. it's 8km from our house. we managed to listen to an entire cd before getting even half way thru the cbd. fortunately they weren't super busy (we figured we probably didn't need the reservation but just did it to be safe).
we decided to go with one of the banquets instead of trying to choose from their large menu. the banquet we ordered was "seafood" themed with shark fin soup, fish and 2 kinds of prawns as well as a satay chicken dish and stir fried vegies. it was a good choice (except we forgot to ask for no egg in the rice so we each had a small amount and the rest we brought home for wombat). it was a huge amount of food but we managed to finish everything except a few vegies and the rice). even zac was struggling to finish the shanghai pan cake dessert-- it's a rare day to see him not able to finish something. overall it was kind of a fatty, deep fried sort of meal but so tasty. i'm glad i finally got to try satay chicken (soooo good!)-- every time we go out with someone who orders satay chicken i always think it sounds so good if i could veganize it. i will be having it again.

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