Friday, February 12, 2010

doin it for the massage

i finally went and got a long overdue hair cut (trim-- i'm trying to grow it out more). i've only been going to a "proper" hair salon (instead of the walk in ones i've been going to for years) for about a year. it definitely does make a difference-- especially the shampooing with scalp massage. when i went in (i go to rising angel because they use products not tested on animals) i had a bit of a headache which i assumed was caffeine withdrawal. when i was asked what i wanted to drink (they offer a complementary tea, coffee, wine or water) i just got water (i started to think maybe it was a dehydration headache, plus i don't really like to put them out making coffee cuz it's not really their job, it's just something nice that they offer extra). when the stylist was washing my hair my headache went away. i think it's the great head massage along with the peppermint scented shampoo. after i left my headache started coming back again so i was pretty sure it was partly caffeine withdrawal. i ended up stopping at a little cafe on edward st (cafe 3A maybe?) that caught my eye with the little fair trade coffee sticker in the window. now my headache is almost completely gone and i'm contemplating giving the dog a bath so i can give her a nice massage like i got (i'm pretty sure that's why she likes her baths so much cuz she's not really fond of water otherwise).
does anyone know of any website or other listing of cafes that use fair trade coffee? it would be a good sort of list to have. i did find this one just now which is no where near complete but it does list cafe 3A (so that is definitely it's name) and a couple other places around brunswick (and they place we had our wedding reception in barwon heads) but i'm sure there's a lot more around melbourne than what's listed on that site.

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