Saturday, February 13, 2010

fancy food for a spoiled beast

we're not the only ones who spoil wombat. the doorbell rang this morning and i was worried it might be somebody from either a phone or electricity/gas company or something like that because our nice neighbours (who are also our landlord's parents) had come by yesterday to bring wombat a large bowl leftover noodles and chunks of meat. i open the door and poppy (our neighbour) was standing there with a large bowl of rice with some meat and peas in it. she explained that her grandchildren were over yesterday and had asked her to make the rice and then changed their minds and asked for something else after she cooked it (and being the overly kind yaya that she is, she obliged and made them a second dish). later, when she asked if they were going to eat the rice they told her to bring it to wombat. she's a spoiled one (we make her plain rice to go with her food sometimes or occasionally give her a bit of our food mixed with hers if it doesn't have onions or other dog poisons in it). she's now several containers of special food to go with her meals in the fridge and freezer.
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