Friday, December 11, 2009

muffins and mexican

earlier this week i made a batch of zucchini spelt muffins from eat, drink and be vegan. i love these muffins (i think i've made them 3 times this year and i almost never bake anything). the banana in them makes them really moist and sooooo good!
i've also finally started making fresh salsa. whenever we're in canada we eat a LOT of fresh salsa from the deli section of supermarkets (and we get it at every mexican place that has the option of fresh salsa). it's so good but i've never actually made it even though i knew it was pretty simple. i found the perfect recipe in vegan planet (tomatoes, shallots, garlic, lime juice, cilantro/coriander, salt, pepper and an optional chili). i don't think i can go back to the stuff in the jar now.
also mexican related- we went to the vegie bar last nite with a friend (and got SOAKED riding in just after the worst of the torrential downpour). i'm sure the burrito has almost halved in size in the last few years. it's still really good and i still get it pretty much every time we go. i think this may have been the first time i've got it since i went vegan and i did miss the sour cream a little (although i did have a very generous serving of guacamole which was nice). i wonder why they chose not to put any vegan cheese in the vegan option (it's all over the vegan supreme pizza so i'm sure they could put it in a burrito too). they also have a new system for seating people. they won't seat you until your whole party arrives (our friend was next door finishing a coffee he got while waiting for us) but they have a new bar area with a courtyard on the north side of the building. you can go over there for a drink and sit on nice comfy couches while you wait and when a table is available after your party is complete they come and get you. great idea when they're busy (which they always seem to be).
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