Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the food side of christmas

(also the part of christmas i forgot to take photos of)
i feel like we did nothing but eat for 4 days. it was good though. christmas eve we had a feast of nibblies at zac's aunt and uncle's place in paynesville after we arrived from our drive up from melbourne with nanna. there was lots of vegan stuff in the nibbly things-- marinated mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, homemade hummus, homemade white bean dip (which i will be making when i get the ingredients off zac's mum), vegan sausage rolls (made by zac's aunt), vegan sushi, homemade pita bread chips, garlic and herb cheezely......
christmas day lunch included a nut loaf and a thanksgiving loaf (basically stuffing made into a casserole-- sooo good!) as well as salads and veggies and other good stuff (a very filling feast).
boxing day was another christmas dinner to celebrate with lea and jay who arrived that day. mostly nibbly things that had been left from the last 2 feasts plus plus some amazing guacamole (very lemon-y with tomato chunks). the food was so good i didn't mind still eating it.
a couple meals we ate out with family at local places in paynesville. we went for lunch at the fickle fig. there wasn't anything vegan on the menu but the pumpkin and rocket salad was easily made vegan without the cheese and it was really nice (and surprisingly filling).
we did breakfast at alma's cafe in paynesville. we both ended up ordering toast with sides of mushrooms and baked beans. simple but nice (they also included a side of baby spinach i think cuz they thought our plates looked boring).
the nite before we left we were still feeding on leftovers (there were still a couple pieces of nut loaf and thanksgiving loaf in the fridge when we left even though i'd snacked on it several times). i always feel a bit bad that we never take anything to christmas lunches/dinners but i guess there is already WAY too much food and we would just end up adding to that.

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