Monday, August 27, 2007

warm evening

saturday nite (after the great day outside) we had our friend's 30th birthday-- a crazy hat party
it was a perfect evening for it too (especially cuz they're unit isn't huge so its nice to use the back courtyard area for parties too). funny cuz his wife's birthday was in january and i think that nite was the only nite we had rain for 3 or 4 weeks on either side of the nite of her party. for his party he had tarps put up over the courtyard and a gas heat lamp available but it was a nice mild (i just wore a thin long sleeve top all nite and spent most of the nite outside) and the bit of drizzle we had was later in the nite when a lot of people had left so it wouldn't have been crowded if we all had to go in then anyway (but we didn't)
the newly engaged couple-- 1 week after their engagement (august must be the month for engagements-- my coworker just got engaged the nite we were at this party and this friday will be 1 year since me and zac's engagement)
i also managed to get my margarita that i didn't get earlier in the day (when we got sangria instead). i also got a krispy kreme doughnut (mmmmmm.....extra greasy and sweet doughnut)
a cake of krispy kreme's:

the best dancing of the nite:

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