Sunday, August 26, 2007

the perfect way to spend a summer winter day

the weather was great yesterday (and again today)! it got up to 22C yesterday and only down to 11 overnite last nite (and the nite before). i spend almost the entire day outside.

wombat loved it too:

notice the band aid on her foot-- she had a big cut in the side of the paw she keeps licking. we put a band aid on and she stopped and didn't even seem to notice the band aid. we put a new one on today and the paw is looking much better already ("i have this cut [on my paw] and i keep tounging it and that's just making it worse..."-- the family guy).

it was perfect weather for sitting in the yard and having a beer (in a t-shirt and bare feet). we also went for a coffee at c.e.r.e.s. for the first time in ages (i refused to go to an indoor cafe cuz the weather was too nice and there's no way we'd get a seat outside at an street cafe without waiting ages).

we also went for margaritas at this great mexican pub on lygon street (well me, densise and glenda ended up getting a jug of sangria and zac had a mojito--"it's not a gay drink" and a bloody maria) cuz you have to have a summer-y drink on a summer-y day 8)

spring has come!:

the flower is the first open bud on our nectarine tree-- its gonna be overflowing again this year!

my corriander seedlings:
i also planted some more herbs and a few vegies in the garden yesterday.
today we're doing the brunswick street thing (with probably everyone else in the inner--and outer-- suburbs)
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