Tuesday, July 22, 2008

rainforest habitat

while in port douglas we decided to go to rainforest habitat animal sanctuary. with our entry we got 2 days re-entry so after taking the port douglas bus to the sanctuary (its just on the edge of town--a whole 4 or 5km from the main strip) we decided to bike back 2 days later with the free to use hostel bikes.

i loved the grasslands area filled with wallabies and kangaroos roaming around:

that doesn't look very comfy for the joey (but lots of them were doing it):zac and one of our wallaby friends:
me and one of the wallabies:
i got zac to take a bunch of photos with me and some wallabies and even a big red kangaroo but unfortunately i forgot to mention to zac that the setting was on center auto focus so all the photos (from both days) have a crisp clear background and me and the roo or wallaby are a bit blurred (except the one above)
a boyd's dragon like we saw on the nite hike:

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