Thursday, July 24, 2008

braving the cold

today is my first r.d.o. since we've been back. i have a long list (in my head-- i really should write it down though) of things that i want to get done today. most of these things involve biking around a bit (a 6 or 7km loop in one direction and then a 4km loop in the other). not a big deal except i'm really starting to not like my bike in winter. its already 10:30 but with the wind chill its still less than 5C outside! walking in this weather is fine (especially cuz its nice and sunny today) but when i bike i get that cold air coming at me. to bike to work this week (which is too short a trip to actually warm up on) i've had to put a nice big winter jacket on, gloves, fleece headband to cover my ears and i even wore thermal pants under my jeans one day (and i wear 4 or 5 layers under my jacket that mostly get left on all day). one of my co-workers was asking if i had a balaclava. i just kinda laughed thinking it was a joke but i think she might try to knit me and her son-in-law (who has also been riding to work lately) balaclavas now (which, after yesterday, i'm thinking might not be a bad idea other than it'll freak people out as i'm riding along in full skiing gear). i think i might just have to brave the cold and get out there and get stuff done (or i could just walk the whole 6 or 7 kms and take my time.......)
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