Tuesday, July 22, 2008

more animals and the sanctuary

here's a good shot of a cassowary at the sanctuary:
it was neat watching him eat. he'd take the chunk of fruit and put it in his mouth then just swallow it-- you could see it moving down his throat!! kinda gross but i'd assume his stomach is kinda big under all those feathers and will take care of it. they're pretty amazing looking birds although they look like they should have died out with the dinosaurs (and they're kinda scary after having those 2 come at us)
another really cute little wallaby (i think its a swamp wallaby):
the second time we were at the sanctuary we rode bikes. we decided to ride back along the beach:
so much fun!! we road down and back along 4 mile beach a couple days later cuz it was so fun but we discovered riding down the beach was actually quite a workout because of the way the wind blows (especially on a rusty old bike with no gears) but after a good hard ride down, we had another fun ride back up again.
4 mile beach from a lookout point:

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