Sunday, July 20, 2008


while in cape trib zac found a new obsession: coconut smashing.

zac kept talking about wanting to get a coconut and smashing it to get the juice and "meat" out. i didn't think he'd actually do it (he has a habit of talking about stuff he'd like to do but never actually taking steps to make it happen). one afternoon he started looking under the coconut trees for good coconuts and he found one that sounded right so he brought it over to a sign and started banging the outer shell to break into the inner part where the coconut lives. after 10 minutes or more he finally got in. then he had to break into the inner shell (trying to be careful so the juice could be saved). another 10 min and he was in the coconut! it still took us ages to break off little bits of the meat to eat and we lost most of the juice but it was pretty good. we also got a backpacker intrigued enough to try smashing his own coconut.
the next day zac wanted to do it again. here he is smashing the outer layer:
still trying to smash the outer layer (funny cuz at this point the same backpacker from the day before walked past and saw zac still smashing away at coconuts and me still sitting there with the camera. he just walked away laughing to himself): finally inside!
that second coconut was my favourite of the 4 or 5 zac smashed over the rest of the trip. he's still talking about getting more coconuts to smash only now he's gonna have to buy them from the supermarket and he's a little sad they won't have that extra outer layer for him to work thru.

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