Monday, July 21, 2008

more rainforest photos

my favourite sign from the trip: in case you can't read the small print it says "chill out not flat out" (you can get t shirts with this sign and that saying on up there). the sign is actually "enhanced" from it's original. all the other signs like these 2 just have a hump for the top one because there are random EXTRA LARGE speed humps along the road thru the daintree so people slow down and hopefully avoid hitting cassowaries and other animals.

strangler fig tree:

these trees have no trunk. birds deposit strangler fig seeds at the tops of other trees. the roots grow down the tree wrapping around the trunk. eventually they kill off the host tree and stand on their own roots! this one is hollow inside because the host tree died long ago.

pushkin the fruit bat:

this little guy lives at a bat sanctuary cuz he'll never be able to fly again (wing injury). he was soooooooo cute!!

small skink on a trail:

bush turkey: these guys were everywhere! at nite and especially early in the morning at cape trib (and kuranda) we'd hear rustling outside the tent. it scared us a couple times (especially with zac's irrational fear of crocs up there-- he's scared of finding them in places they don't really go) but it would just be bush turkeys walking past thru the bushes or around the tent.

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