Sunday, September 12, 2010


i bought myself The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook as a birthday gift to me from the book depository. sooo many fun, "cheesy" recipes to try! i finally got around to making a couple things from the book this past week (i kept forgetting to buy more onion powder and almost everything i wanted to try required it). i made chickpea flour pizza (which is more of a herbed, gluten free flat bread) for a snack the other day (forgot to take a picture) and i really liked it. that was the first thing i've ever made with chickpea flour and i've been meaning to buy and make things with it for a LONG time. yesterday afternoon i decided to make french onion soup. i couldn't get a good photo though (i think it's almost impossible to get a good looking photo of a brown soup with cream coloured "cheese" goo on top). it was really good though. i added a vegan beef stock cube (cuz they've just been sitting there for a while not being used). we didn't have french bread or croutons so i lightly toasted some multigrain bread and cut it into cubes. i think next i'll try one of the "cheese" dips. so far i'm really enjoying the book.

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Tahn said...

I have this cook book too and I Love it! Our staples are the colby block, mosterella for pizzas and gooey cheese for toasted sandwiches. Too good!