Saturday, September 18, 2010


we ended up at grumpy's green for lunch today. they've changed their menu since last time we were there for a meal (it's been a while). the menu was much more vegan friendly than it used to be and everything that is vegan/can be made vegan is clearly marked (and gluten free items are marked as well). we sat up in the dimly lit closet upstairs so i couldn't get a decent picture of our food (i don't like using the flash). i had the chickpea and lentil dahl with naan bread which was really nice. the dahl was fairly spicy--i like it hot--and the bread was good too. zac had the tower burger-- it was a tower. zac was a little worried how he was gonna manage to get it in his mouth but he did it (after a bit of squashing). it looked really good-- tons of vegies sticking out. i loved the chips (i think crinkle cut just makes them taste better--or maybe it was just the salt-- but i couldn't stop picking at zac's chips). i love all the little things grumpy's does to be sustainable (local beer and wine, vegetarian menu with locally sourced ingredients and more). there were several things on the menu i wanna try so hopefully we'll get back there soon.

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