Tuesday, June 29, 2010


the temperature doesn't look too bad on that graph but that's cuz that graph doesn't show the freezing cold wind chill. for some reason the melbourne radar doesn't show the wind chill anymore but both the essondon and tullamarine airports show the wind chill being between 0-1.5 C so it is actually freezing outside (and has been for 2 days now). i rode home from work at 1pm and my ears were frozen in the 5 minute ride (i didn't think i'd need my headband over my ears in the middle of the day). i tried to take the dog for a quick walk, didn't wear gloves and my hands were frozen. me and the dog are spending the rest of the day cuddled in the lounge room with the heater on. can't wait to get up to queensland in a few days!

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