Sunday, June 27, 2010


this weekend was a weekend of sports. saturday nite we went to see the melbourne ice play at the new "icehouse" arena in docklands. much nicer than where they used to play in south oakleigh (? i think that's where it was). we were really surprised at the crowd they pulled. it's a 1000 seat venue and we had to stand along with probably 50-100 other people! unfortunately it was melbourne's first loss at their new home rink but it was good to watch some hockey. hopefully we'll make it back again this season (it had been more than 4 years since the last time we saw them play. this rink is a lot more convenient to get to though-- we just need arrive more than 10 minutes before the game starts if we want seats though).

the age even had an article about ice hockey in the sports section today.
after the game we walked down the road to where the canada club was celebrating canada day (a few days early since thursday won't be a public holiday here). we missed most of the celebrations cuz the event had been going on all day (we just hadn't made it down before the hockey game) but still fun to see everyone in red and white and have a beer.
today we went to the community cup for the first time. i think we'll have to make a point of going again. it was an entertaining game of footy between the espy rock dogs and the RRR/PBS megahertz (who won by 1 point on the final buzzer). although as the commentator said "i think football was the real loser today, maybe ice hockey was the winner"-- a lot of muddy sliding around the oval, missing the ball, passing to the wrong team.... but all very entertaining and for a good cause. we didn't make it early enough to see any of the bands before the game and we had to leave right after the game but we did see the living end at half time (although we were paying more attention to all the cute dogs running around the oval than the music)

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