Friday, July 02, 2010


we decided to surprise zac's mum, nanna and aunt by coming to afternoon tea at the winsor hotel with them today (it was an extension of nanna's 90th birthday which was in april). me, zac and lea all had the day off work so lea called and added 3 more people to their booking (and she made sure they would provide vegan food for me and zac). we showed up 10 minutes before they opened the doors just as denise, glenda and nanna were walking out of the cricketer's bar towards the room where afternoon tea would take place. they were very surprised. the surprise was made even bigger when nanna's brother showed up just after we sat down (which explained why when lea changed the booking they said the original booking was for 4 not 3). i was impressed with the vegan option. there was an initial mix up where they brought out a vegetarian platter for us (filled with egg sandwiches and very not-vegan looking desserts) but they fixed it fairly quickly (when the server had sat us down she had asked who the 2 vegans were so they did know we were vegan). zac and i each got a vegan 3 tier tray with 2 scones on top, 5 sandwiches on the bottom (2 cucumber ones and 3 really nice eggplant and chutney ones) and some really nice sweets, fruit and jam in the middle (the dessert that is hidden in the photo was the best-- a sadwhich made with 3 small waffers with 2 filling layers in the middle of blueberries and a creamy chocolate sauce).
they even brought out a special dessert platter afterwards for nanna:

the 3 of them were all staying at the winsor tonite in 2 really nice ajoining rooms looking out to parliament house:
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K said...

i'm so impressed that they do vegan options

Johanna GGG said...

love the windsor - in my limited experience - the layered plates just seem right for a celebration