Saturday, September 12, 2009


it's suddenly summer today! 29C and sunny (most of the time). i think tomorrow is supposed to go back to normal high teens sort of temps but it was nice to have a day or so of summer. the wind is driving me absolutely crazy though. yesterday it was so bad when i rode home at lunch there was no way i was getting back on my bike to go back to work so i walked. it was still blowing bits of hair in my eyes and pushing me around. today when we were walking home we could hear a sound that was a bit like a jet engine being distorted by wind. when it didn't go away after a minute or so we realized it wasn't a passing plane but it was just the wind howling over everything. it was really weird how it wasn't just howling going around any specific building but it was just doing it in the air overhead. it's also weird of the graph above how the humidity and dew point suddenly plunged in the last hour or 2. the wind has also mostly died down just now too. its weird feeling warm, dry air and having quietness.

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