Tuesday, September 29, 2009

spring is back

although we really needed the rain (and a lot did fall in the catchment areas) i'm soooooo glad to see the sun again. it was starting to feel very vancouver like with all the rain, grey sky and coldness. i decided to celebrate the sunshine this afternoon by cleaning up the back yard a bit, doing a lot of laundry (i had been putting it off because of the rain) and then relaxing with a margarita and some good music.

wombat even joined me for a while and started working on her belly tan (it'll be black in a few weeks):
she's a bit of an idiot though and stays laying in the sun, even when she's too hot. she's panting in this photo: i did force her to go get a drink after i took the photo (she was back out in belly tan position 10 minutes later).

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Sarah said...

mmm, nice drink :)
thanks for the cookbook inspiration, Shawna, I got that book from the library and devoured it! I think it's inspired me to make some more vegan dishes!