Friday, September 04, 2009

the celebration continues

i got to keep celebrating my birthday with a nite out on wednesday. we went for dinner at white lotus (mmmmm....tamarind "fish") and then off to somewhere in the city that zac kept as a surprise. we ended up at the anthenaeum where tex perkins was doing a show called "the man in black". it was the story of johnny cash mixed in with his music. it was a really good show.
until wednesday i'd also forgotten one of my other highlights from our canada trip. while we were in portland we saw a johnny cash cover band (counterfeit cash) do a show at a pub. it was really impressive (it was kind of weird looking at the guy cuz he looked nothing like johnny cash but did really well at johnny cash's vocal sound). he even did some of the cover songs johnny cash did on his american recordings albums (you gotta be a pretty good impersonator to be able to pull of covers of covers).

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