Friday, March 28, 2008

still bundled up

it's still really cold but i think i might be starting to adjust a little bit. the worst part about the whole thing is that less than 2 weeks ago it was 40C. i don't think the human body can adapt to such a drop in temperature in a short period of time (i'm starting to realize that what i thought were allergies the last week or so may actually be kind of a head cold brought on by the temperature change). the one thing that makes me feel better about freezing right now is that its not just me going into autumn but a good part of the northern hemisphere got dumped on with snow and freezing cold temperatures over easter-- and they're supposed to be getting into spring! usually when i'm sitting here complaining how cold i am, everyone back home is having sunny spring days and laughing at me for thinking 10C is below freezing (it feels like it to me). everyone is complaining its cold though. unfortunately the massive amounts of rain we got in the past couple days (note the black line on the rainfall graph above) didn't land near the catchment areas, mostly just in the city. at least my weeds will be growing well in the garden (and my poor succulents will probably drown, not ever having seen this much water in their lives).
so glad i haven't had to work yesterday or today so i could avoid being out in the rain (and dealing with kids stuck indoors a good part of the day and not properly dressed to go out in the cold when we go out).

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