Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the end is near

i don't mind the hot days when there's a drop in temp at nite but last nite was just miserable. it was supposed to get down to 23/24C but it didn't even get to 27C until after zac got up this morning. i think i slept about 20 min total last nite. the rest of the nite i spent lying there turning the cooler on and off (i don't like leaving it running all nite, usually i just leave it on til i'm almost asleep and then flick it off and sleep). last nite every time i tried to turn it off i would be too warm before i fell asleep. it also ran out of water sometime in the middle of the nite which makes it act like a fan instead of a cooler so it wasn't quite as effective. then the wind picked up (still a HOT northerly) and the poor dog refused to sleep anywhere but right in the middle of the bed between our heads (she's absolutely terrified of wind). i wish my lunch break didn't fall over rest time at work-- i would be having a great rest at work today. fortunately the temperature isn't gonna get much higher than it is now (which is pleasantly warm) and then the cool change is gonna come later!!! i'm excited for that-- normal autumn weather.

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