Saturday, March 15, 2008

more weather

its 20C out and i'm wearing sweats and a jumper. i'm gonna freeze in winter if 20C is cold to me. give me an hour or 2 and i'm sure i'll be in a singlet (tank top). it was soooooo nice when the cool change hit last nite (the big drop on the graph towards the end of yesterday). i took the dog across the road to the park as soon as i felt the cool breeze thru a window and it was soooooo good. i just stood there while she ran circles around me sniffing every twig and leaf on the ground. of course as soon as i got into our driveway the wind wasn't hitting me anymore and it was still HOT. the wind was coming from the southwest and we only have 1 window (in the kitchen) on the west side of the house (and our neighbours house is about 2m away from that window so it blocks the wind anyway) and the back door and 2 small windows are all we have on the south so it took a while for the coolness to actually come thru the house but its good now. at least today isn't supposed to be ridiculously hot (32C) so it should be bearable (which is good cuz we're having a bbq for zac's birthday in our oven backyard)

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Annie said...

I'm thinking it's warm enough for T-shirts here at 12 degrees!!!!! :D