Saturday, February 02, 2008

wombat's life

i miss my slr camera (it’s been pronounced officially dead by the camera repair people-- zac's looking for a new one for me). i tried to take some photos of wombat earlier with the compact camera but the delay was so long that i couldn't get anything (i got lots of shots of her with her face buried in long grass and half of her body as she walked away from the camera). i was trying to get shots of her waiting for her nemesis-- the rat the lives in our block. the rat lives between our house and at least 2 of our neighbours (on each side). he's got a hole that comes out where our compost heap was (he used to feed on it) and he knows how to get into the shed next door thru a small space between the shed wall and the ground. he actually taunts wombat and she's obsessed with him because of it. i've seen him do it-- there's a metal sign propped up against the fence next to his hole. he balances on top of it and wombat will sit a couple meters away and stare at him. when she finally decides to make her move he just jumps and dives into his hole, safe from her. he also runs along the back fence from his hole to the shed next door and back again. one day i'm sure we'll come home to find the bloody remains of a rat and wombat looking pretty proud of herself (not looking forward to that but as long as she doesn't catch him because someone has poisoned it and it was sick and dying i guess that's what dogs do).
i woke up early this morning when it was barely lite outside. i was lying on my side and when i opened my eyes the first thing i saw was wombat. she was sitting up about a meter from me just staring at me. really weird. i started to say hi (and then i was gonna tell her to go back to bed) and she jumped up and was under the covers before i could do anything. i was too tired to do anything about it. i wonder how long she'd been staring at me before i woke up though......

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