Thursday, February 07, 2008


wombat has been doing great at bedtime (except last nite after i'd been thinking about how great she's been but even the difficult nite was way less difficult than it used to be).
she knows to go outside when you tell her and then as she comes in we just say "go to bed" and she'll trot down to the bedroom and settle on her bed. sometimes if me and zac are talking in bed and we raise our voices (not fighting or anything just being sarcastic or whatever) she gets upset thinking there's a fight (this happens even when she's not in bed) and she'll crawl up on the bed for a cuddle and make sure her people are ok. this senario used to end with us having to carry her off the bed to make her go back to her own bed (and she'd do as much as she could to make herself a large, heavy dead weight). now she's great about having a cuddle and going back to bed-- and then staying there until zac's alarm has gone off at least once in the morning. last nite though she got upset at us a couple times plus it was a bit windy and rainy out (and we had the windows open) so she REALLY tried to snuggle on the bed and stay. we had to get out of bed to get her to go back to bed and zac nudged her bottom a couple times to try to get her to move in the right direction but she did go back (without us having to lift and drag). once we stopped talking (and the wind died down again) she settled and was ok though.

random sunset shot from the other nite:

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