Saturday, February 09, 2008

better than sour cream

last week i got a tub of tofutti better-than-sour-cream (vegan sour cream) to use on baked potatoes. it only comes in a 340g tub so even with our generous helpings on our potatoes there was still a good amount left. i started putting small spoonfuls in my tomato soup and black bean soup but i didn't think i'd get thru the tub before it went off. i couldn't think of anything zac eats for snacks that he could put it on to help out. then the other nite zac says to me "you know what is really good together? vegemite and sour cream on toast!" apparently a friend gave him the idea (although the friend might have said cream cheese and vegemite--also sounds like an odd combination--zac wasn't sure which one but he did it with sour cream and loved it) so he's been doing that. yesterday i picked up a packet of sweet chilli rice crackers-- they are sooooooo good dipped in sour cream. don't know wheather the sweet chilli-sour cream combo is an aussie thing or if i've just never noticed it before i came here but it's really good (especially wedges with sweet chilli and sour cream-- and now i can make a vegan version). sweet chilli rice crackers make a great quick snack though.

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