Tuesday, October 13, 2009

motivation part II (see below for part I)

i became motivated. the sun came out (briefly) and i did a nice 30 shred workout (mostly for the strength training).
after, i had a hair appt. i've been going to rising angel for probably a year now after going to cheap walk in places for several years. such a difference when you go to a good salon and get the full wash, cut and dry with someone who knows how to make your hair look good (i LOVE the wash/scalp massage and every time i go it makes me realize why wombat LOVES her baths even though she hates water-- the full massage she gets from us then must be good).
after that i went next door to radical grocery (waffles and vegan whip cream) and the few op shops in the area. i managed to find a pretty much new (with instruction booklet) rice cooker for $10 (zac has been wanting one for a while).
when i got home i made a pie crust (from la dolce vegan), cut, cooked and pureed some pumpkin and made a pumpkin pie from a recipe in how it all vegan (which is currently in the oven-- the pie, not the cookbook). turns out i don't have a 9" pie plate (just 7 or 8" ones) so i had some left over filling (which was quite liquid-y and i'm hoping is thickening up in the pie while it's in the oven). i decided to use the last bit of filling to make a spiced pumpkin latte. soooooo good! unfortunately there was only enough for the 1 but i guess i could always make a 1/2 batch of the pie filling and use it for lattes.
if the pie works out there will be photos (complete with vegan whip cream)

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Beverly said...

Did the pie work?