Saturday, October 31, 2009


last nite we had some heat lightning. we didn't get more than a few drops of rain but lightning was flashing fairly regularly so i decided to get the camera out. it wasn't great lightning because it was behind clouds but i thought i'd play with the camera so next time we have a good lightning storm maybe i can get a shot of a fork if i'm lucky.
from the kitchen window- the first shot is how the sky looked without lightning (the sky was pretty glow-y) and the second is some lightning

the backyard (again the first shot is just the sky and the second has lightning):

i hit the "i'm feeling lucky" button in picasa and i like the way it changed the photo:

i wish we had better views in our yard and from our windows (most of our windows face the house next door about 3 m from ours). it makes it a bit hard for lightning photography because i'm not gonna be running across the road or down the street during a lightning storm.

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Theresa said...

Those photos are really cool. I have really fond memories of playing outside during family parties when I was a kid in the dog days of August and sheets of heat lightning flashing across the sky.