Monday, May 25, 2009

tasty muffins

last week i was flipping thru eat, drink and be vegan and i came across a recipe for zucchini spelt muffins that i thought would be great to make for our staff meeting at work tonight since last months meeting had a huge amount of cheesy pastries and other non-vegan things and me and the other vegan had nothing (fortunately since i go home for 2 hours before the meeting i'd had a snack but she'd been working with kids right til 6 and only had some vegemite on rice cakes to eat). these muffins sounded perfect since the other vegan is also wheat-free. when we got our first delivery of fruit and veg from aussie farmers direct (which by the way seems great so far) it included a zucchini so i had to make them. they're pretty amazing! sweet, very moist and tasty. i was a little disappointed that the one time i actually made something for our monthly meeting everything on the table was actually vegan and gluten free for the first time ever (2 large fruit and veggie platters with 2 vegan dips and 2 different types of very good organic corn chips). everybody loved the muffins though-- even the other gluten free (but not vegan) person LOVED them even though she doesn't like zucchini (you can't taste it in there anyway).
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Beverly said...

Looks very yummy!