Friday, May 01, 2009

the same but different

the weather in melbourne is very similar to the weather in vancouver right now (although they'll probably see more rain than us):

(click to see a larger, more readable image)
only difference is that while we are gonna be getting shorter amounts of daylight and colder days/nights, vancouver will be getting closer and closer to summer with nice warm days and mild nights and it'll still be light until well after 9pm (i think the sun sets at almost 9:30 around the longest day of the year there and it's still light for ages after the sun sets behind the mountains). meanwhile, in melbourne i'll have to use my bike lights to get home on cloudy afternoons and i'll be layering up in at least 3 layers (just for indoors-- add at least 2 more for outside). we need to plan our annual winter holiday soon to some warm place (i have yet to go an entire winter in melbourne without at least a week away to a warmer climate, even if its only as far as sydney where i can still wear a singlet or at least a t-shirt most days in winter).
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