Friday, December 07, 2007

toooooooooooo HOT!

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unfortunately the little weather graph had some technical difficulties or something so i had to draw in part of the line myself(from yesterday evening until mid-morning today). it was in the mid 30s yesterday. it stayed above 29C all nite until about 7am this morning. it got really dark and gray for a couple hours after that, hit a low of 17C at about 10am then went back up to a temp in the comfortable mid 20s.
heat overnite like that is just wrong. i was kinda glad i was working in the morning instead of the afternoon today. i was already awake long before the alarm went off at 7am. a lot of the kids were horribly grumpy (probably most of them lacking sleep from the heat) but we made it thru the morning. i got to come home at 1 and i attempted to nap with a nice cool breeze coming thru the window but my brain wouldn't stop thinking about stuff i wanted to get done today. it was nice just to lie down in the dark for a while though.

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