Monday, December 03, 2007

a little bit of rain

when i got in to work this morning i commented to my co-worker that i was kinda disappointed that we didn't get any of the forecasted thunder storms in our area (i LOVE thunder storms and we never seem to get them here anymore). she said it would have been good if we had even got some good rain. less than an hour later the rain started coming down (it was good that i'd come in early today cuz i would have gotten wet if i'd started at my normal time). thunder started going a bit later. it rained a bit more right until lunch time then stopped about 5 min before we went out to eat (the tables were dry under the vehranda but we were a bit worried about having the kids eat outside if a thunderstorm happening). part way thru rest time the sky got dark (which was good cuz then the room is extra dark and more kids fall asleep) and the thunder started booming. just as we were finishing up rest time the rain started POURING down. a couple minutes later the director and a couple other staff are running around outside collecting the sand bags from the sand pit and moving hay bails around and sweeping a gigantic puddle away from the door to our room. we just opened the double doors and sat some benches infront of the doors so the kids who were awake could sit and watch the rain (and the staff frantically trying to keep it outside). fortunately it let up and started sinking into the very dry soil before it got into the room. zac's work wasn't so lucky. rain was running down the walls and out of light fixtures. they had to shut off the power and after about an hour they sent everyone home (i wouldn't be so lucky at my work-- we'd just be stuck trying to entertain 25 kids in the undercover area outside or something)
the pics are from zac's mobile from his ride home. he went along the creek the whole way-- it was pretty flooded (he rode thru the flooded over parts in the photos-- even after telling a 12 year old kid standing in the flood how dangerous it was)

this is the bit of the creek near our house:

the water was almost up to the path under the bridge (usually you can see stones sticking out of the water all under the bridge and its at least 2 feet down to the water from the lowest part of the path):

i like the rainfall on the weather chart (the black graph at the bottom)

not just a black hump to show a bit of rain but a very black filled in mark over a few hours.
here's a link to some photos (why do people attempt to drive thru obviously large puddles?)
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