Sunday, September 23, 2007

very smart girl

wombat learned a new command the other day-- "lie down". we just never bothered to teach her it and she knew sit and stay when we got her. i decided the other nite is was important for her to know "lie down" too. i grabbed a handful of dog food and after a few tries she got it!! i was amazed (especially since she was so into her dog food that she thought it was a reward for what she was doing). now she does it even without food (she still gets lots of pats and praise when she does it).
she also did another smart thing yesterday (that we've been trying unsuccessfully to get her to do). i was outside with her and she was chewing on one of her disgusting old dirty bones. i went inside to grab something and she followed me (i'd tried to sneak off on her twice that day while she was in the back yard and i didn't want to disturb her by saying goodbye but she'd caught on both times as i was locking the front door so she was very wary of me going inside). as i walked thru the kitchen i looked back and saw her put her head down just outside the back door and then she came in. i thought maybe she'd dropped her bone on the way in (usually when she tries to bring a bone in we close the screen door on her, tell her to drop it repeatedly, she drops it, we open the door, she picks it up to come in, we close the door and tell her to drop it again......usually takes several door openings before she is willing to leave it outside). when i went back out a few minutes later i discovered her bone sitting on the mat outside the back door-- she had put it down without being told and came in leaving it behind!!! such a smart girl!
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