Tuesday, September 25, 2007

makin' progress

this is the picture of a happy dog. she's had a good day. she's definitely making progress with the whole being social with other dogs thing. since i had the day off today i decided to take her up to c.e.r.e.s. for a coffee and spinach filo pastry. she was amazing!! we got up there and there were no dogs so i tied her up to a bench at the back of the cafe area and went up to order my stuff. she layed down and just watched me (the last few times she's stood or just sat watching me-- not quite comfortable enough to lay down). when i came back i untied her and sat at a table at the back just holding her lead while i ate and drank. she layed down on the ground and just watched me and looked around. a little jack russell came in with a woman and wombat didn't even notice it for several minutes. she noticed when the woman picked up the dog to sit it on her lap a ways away from us. wombat just took a look and then ignored it (she didn't even sit up which i was a little surprised at). then a man came in with a bigger dog about wombat's size. he saw wombat with her muzzle and took a seat near where he came in, away from us. wombat was a bit curious but again didn't even bother getting up. she just layed there and looked over every once in a while. and she whimpered a bit. then she put her head down on the ground and just relaxed (facing the big dog). she was soooo cute. i was very proud of her but i didn't want to disturb her to give her treats so i just kept talking softly to her. i even talked to zac on my mobile while i was there. when we left to come home there was a guy walking along the creek trail with 2 dogs-- 1 with him, the other was an old bag of a staffy (or part staffy) that meandered along several meters or so behind him. me and wombat sat and waited on the grass until he was well ahead of us with both his dogs. wombat just let out a couple whimpers but didn't get aggressive or weird. she took some treats and looked at me. we followed behind them under the bridge and then me and wombat started up along the grass away from the trail where the old dog was still wondering way behind his person. wombat was very good and well behaved. we pretty much ended up parallel to the old dog a few times. wombat sat, whimpered and took treats for looking at me. the one time she did lunge forward there was nothing aggressive about it-- it was a very playful bounce with whimpers. i didn't let her get too near the dog but wombat was very interested in running along side of it. i was soooo proud of how wombat behaved on her very stimulating walk. i think she'll be having a big nap the rest of this afternoon.

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