Wednesday, December 10, 2008

something a little different

when i arrived at work this morning several kids were working on things at the pasting table. as i looked around i realized most of them were making angels with large paper doilies that had been cut into quarters (that was the dress part of the angel. they cut out circles for heads and some added limbs or hair or wings). most of these angels were also covered in glitter (we managed to go the entire year without glitter at the pasting table and we've just brought it out as a treat for the last couple weeks). one girl came up to me with a doily piece that just had black and red circles drawn on it with texta. i was a little shocked that her angel dress wasn't in "pretty" colours like all the other ones and didn't have glitter on it. then she told me "its a pepperoni pizza slice!". i was impressed--- something different. she went back to work and i was talking to other children. a while later she came up to me holding 4 doilies taped together in a circle with red and black. she'd made an entire pizza. then she went to the box collection and found a big cereal box. she layed it on it's back and cut open the top so it opened like a pizza box. then she put her pizza inside. its looks pretty good. it was cool to see someone come up with something different (and un-christmas related) when all their classmates are making the same thing.

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Beverly said...

That's neat. I like that she even made a box for it.